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Infomation Snack
 Computer Base
Computer Vrius
2001 Hacker Event
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 AD Design (max)
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Third Dimension De...
Animation Base ...
Animation Advanced...
Car Production(Rhino)
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 Web Design
- Pick Web(Cool Site)
- Web Stylist Manner
- Banner Design
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  JiNan SunMoon Brief Introduction
 JiNan Sunmoon was founded in 1995,During the short seven years, Sunmoon was known to people of JiNan.Because of quality service, first-class teaching,Perfect and advanced teaching equipment,ele-gant teaching atmosphere,Sunmoon is stepping into its eclat,even becoming the head of training Field in JiNan.
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Bright as the sunthe moon
I want to tell you 
Making My Dream Come True 
Open your mouth,just do it

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Change my life   
congratulation on sunmoon educati ...
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English Corner
 Subject Brief: Direct English

泣似心寄夕 Direct English
  Sunmoon Direct English is developed by Sunmoon Song. Having comprehended years' teaching experience and united advanced teaching method abroad, he developed a unique new method, that is Direct English. And we call it "Sunmoon Method".
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 Opus Enjoy (MAX)
Title: Machine Soldier
Software: 3DS MAX
.Modeling: Shape+Bevel
.Material: UVW Map
.Effect:Video post
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 Opus Enjoy (PS)
Title: text effect
Software: photoshop
.motion blur
.layer style
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Caterpillars make great pets!
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